Development in the sunshine

I’ve always liked the name of the US law intended to promote transparency in policymaking: The Government in the Sunshine Act. This stipulates that deliberations by federal agencies shall be open to ‘public observation’. Whatever the reality of its operation, the basic premise of the legislation is surely unarguable – that government should be accountable to the people for the actions which it takes on their behalf.

We want our think tank to reflect a similar ethos, in two ways. Firstly, by involving public service professionals and the public directly in what has traditionally been the preserve of a small number of experts in think tanks, we want to help open-up policy analysis and research to a much wider set of actors – and by doing so improve it markedly.

Secondly, we’re also going to develop the think tank openly and publicly – hence this blog. We hope that this site becomes a forum for discussing, critiquing and improving the idea, from the very beginning. We have our ideas about how the think tank will operate, but the chances are that many of these ideas will be wrong (or at least not quite right). As you’ll see from the categories, one subject we’ll be blogging about is open business development, with some inspiration from others but mainly learning as we go and being open about what we’re learning.

So let’s go outside.

Let us know what you think

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