Of the people

If you say you’re about changing the terms of public debate, shouldn’t you involve the public?

Our new think tank project rests on the idea that think tanks could do a lot more to involve the public in their work – both for research and policy analysis, and to promote policy recommendations – and that they could use the internet to do it.

Traditional think tanks haven’t, in the main, gone much beyond using the internet and social media as just another one-way communication (marketing) channel. Their websites aren’t the forums for public discussion or engagement that they could be.

According to Alexa, here’s the traffic ranking for a random selection of think tank websites in terms of all UK sites:

  • Centre for Policy Studies – 168,114th
  • Demos – 111,983rd
  • IPPR – 59,473rd
  • Policy Exchange – 109,552nd
  • Young Foundation – 55,433rd.

The future of think tanks? Our view is that it looks more like Mumsnet (442nd most popular site in the UK).

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