Think tank staff by Twitter following 251-306

Here’s a list of individual think tank staffers according to their Twitter following, starting with the 300th most-followed person down to the 251st (numbered 252nd though, since there’s a tie at 250th).

We’ll publish numbers 201-250 on Friday 30th March, 151-200 on Monday 2nd April, 101-150 on Wednesday 4th April, 51-100 on Friday 6th April, and finally 1-50 on Monday 9th April.

We’ve focused on the ‘top 40’ most well-known UK think tanks (as in a previous post), i.e. those organisations that present themselves as ‘think tanks’, then used the publicly available staff lists from their websites and checked to see whether these people have Twitter accounts. We’ve only included people who either identify themselves as working for a particular think tank on their Twitter feed and/or use their account to discuss issues that are obviously related to their work (in other words, we haven’t included people who use their account mainly for personal matters). We included fellows and associates because there is no consistent definition of think tank people and some think tanks effectively use this as an alternative staffing model. We didn’t include advisors or trustees.

Inevitably with such a large number of people (we’ve searched more than 1,100 think tank staff) there will be those we’ve missed, especially where there are many people with the same name who have Twitter accounts and it hasn’t been obvious which ‘John Smith’ is the one who works for a particular organisation. Apologies for any errors or omissions. We’d be happy to add you or your organisation to the list if you post a comment here or use the email contact form on the ‘Get involved‘ page.

The number of Twitter followers obviously reflects when we did the research (over the past week and a half), so in quite a few cases there are likely to be small differences in the numbers, nonetheless this shouldn’t affect the rankings significantly.

We’ll do some reflections when we’ve posted the whole list, but your comments are welcome as we go.

Name Think tank Twitter followers
251.        Charles Levy Work Foundation 168
252.        Lewis Goodall IPPR 165
253.        Norma Curran Centre for Welfare Reform 164
253.        Louise Woodruff Joseph Rowntree Foundation 164
253.        Felicity Dennistoun Resolution Foundation 164
256.        Rupert Greenhalgh Centre for Local Economic Strategies 163
256.        Helen Burrows Demos 163
258.        Andrew Kakabadse Institute for Government 162
259.        Paul Bickley Theos Think Tank 157
260.        Zach Wilcox Centre for Cities 155
260.        Valerie Marcel Chatham House 155
262.        Ellie Howard Civitas 154
262.        Peter Harrington Demos 154
262.        Phil McCarvill IPPR 154
265.        Richard Wellings Institute of Economic Affairs 151
265.        Julia Day Institute of Development Studies 151
267.        Tris Lumley NPC 149
268.        Matthew Jackson Centre for Local Economic Strategies 144
269.        Kamaljeet Gill Runnymede Trust 141
270.        Alison Jarvis Joseph Rowntree Foundation 138
270.        Anne White LSE Public Policy Group 138
272.        Claudia Wood Demos 136
272.        Ty Goddard Education Foundation 136
274.        Nick Goodwin The King’s Fund 135
275.        Clare Yeowart NPC 130
276.        Terry Lynch Centre for Welfare Reform 129
276.        Christian Barnett Demos 129
278.        Benoit Gomis Chatham House 128
278.        Adam Fowles IPPR 128
280.        Graeme Henderson IPPR 126
280.        Nick Comer-Calder IPPR 126
282.        Cynthia Shanmugalingam Young Foundation 125
283.        Stephen Sloss Centre for Welfare Reform 121
284.        Simon Cramp Centre for Welfare Reform 120
284.        Dalibor Rohac Institute of Economic Affairs 120
286.        Katharine Knox Joseph Rowntree Foundation 118
286.        Andrew Sissons Work Foundation 118
288.        Faiza Shaheen nef 117
288.        Paul Zollinger-Read The King’s Fund 117
290.        Danielle Moran LSE Public Policy Group 116
291.        Rachel Tooby Centre for Cities 115
291.        Jonathan Birdwell Demos 115
291.        Tess Lanning IPPR 115
294.        Katie Schmuecker IPPR 114
294.        Henry Kippin RSA 114
296.        Jocelyn Cornwell The King’s Fund 113
297.        Peter Dale IPPR 111
298.        Richard Harrison Demos 109
299.        Peter Thomas Institute for Government 108
300.        Maha Azzam Chatham House 107
300.        Kate Blatchford Institute for Government 107
302.        Emily Darko Overseas Development Institute 106
303.        Lydia Prieg nef 103
304.        Angela Kail NPC 102
304.        Jenny Morgan Overseas Development Institute 102
306.        Marcus Fergusson Demos 99

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